Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thinking of getting a snake?

I wanted to address anyone out there who is thinking of getting their first snake. Firstly, snakes can make great pets, providing that you can supply and cater to all of the needs that a snake requires.
Things to think about:
-What size will my baby snake grow to when it's fully grown?
-Can I find the room to house this snake for the rest of its life?
-Can I afford the food, electricity and vets bills that I may incur?
-What impact will housing a snake in my home have the rest of the family?
With these things in mind, make sure that a snake is the right pet for you before rushing out and buying an animal that may not be suitable. With reptiles there are few problems with anyone who suffers from allergies.
I often see posts in the classifieds pages of reptile related forums where people are selling their reptiles as they have a baby on the way. This is one of the most common reasons that people rehome/sell their reptiles. I have 3 children and about 100 reptiles at present, all of my children have been brought up around animals of all different species without any problems, in fact all 3 of my children love animals and help out a lot when it comes to their care. Children and animals can live within the same home without any problems, you have to use common sense.
For anyone wanting any help or information on a particular reptile, please feel free to ask

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