Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thinking of getting a snake?

I wanted to address anyone out there who is thinking of getting their first snake. Firstly, snakes can make great pets, providing that you can supply and cater to all of the needs that a snake requires.
Things to think about:
-What size will my baby snake grow to when it's fully grown?
-Can I find the room to house this snake for the rest of its life?
-Can I afford the food, electricity and vets bills that I may incur?
-What impact will housing a snake in my home have the rest of the family?
With these things in mind, make sure that a snake is the right pet for you before rushing out and buying an animal that may not be suitable. With reptiles there are few problems with anyone who suffers from allergies.
I often see posts in the classifieds pages of reptile related forums where people are selling their reptiles as they have a baby on the way. This is one of the most common reasons that people rehome/sell their reptiles. I have 3 children and about 100 reptiles at present, all of my children have been brought up around animals of all different species without any problems, in fact all 3 of my children love animals and help out a lot when it comes to their care. Children and animals can live within the same home without any problems, you have to use common sense.
For anyone wanting any help or information on a particular reptile, please feel free to ask

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New Leopard Ball Python

I've just had a series of emails from Dan Parker, I bought a female banded Leopard Ball Python from him a couple of weeks ago. Dan has told me that he thinks that the Leopard that I have bought is actually an Enchi Leopard. I think that the Leopard morph is going to be one of the next big things within the Ball Python world. It is absolutely amazing what this morph can do to other mutations, it has such a dynamic effect on pretty much everything that it has been bred to so far. The Leopard gene has been proven out to be a Dominant trait, which works great when breeding it to other dominant and co-dominant morphs. It is also thought that all Leopard Ball Pythons are het for Pied too, as the Leopard originally came from Peter Kahl's Pied line and first produced by Peter Kahl. There are not too many Leopard Ball Pythons in the UK so Snakehouse Exotics feels very lucky to own this female and we can't wait to start breeding her to some nice males.

Enchi Leopard

Video of Enchi Leopard
please note that this footage was taken before I was told that this animal could be an Ench Leopard

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Snakehouse Exotics

A Few Ball Pythons

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There will be videos of various reptile related content uploaded regulary, providing care instructions for different species of reptiles, amphibians and insects as well as showing off a few prize animals owned by Snakehouse Exotics. I hope you enjoy watching this example of footage you can expect on our YouTube channel.

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Feeding Baby Ball Pythons

Had to feed all of the baby Ball Pythons tonight, all ate apart from the Albino male, Albino female and the Yellowbelly female. The Leopard het Pied female ate for the first time tonight (only had her a week). The Fire het Pied female hasn't missed a feed yet, neither has the male and female Pieds so I'm really pleased with their progress. On a different note, the new snake room is all but done now, just the built in vivariums to build in situ and then the room will be complete. This will free up alot of room in the Breeding room, which will allow for more breeding racks and breeding animals.
On the lock up front the male Spider is currently locked with the 50% het Pied, the Nerd Line Lemon Pastel male is locked up with another 50% het Pied. The 100% het Granite Spotted Pythons have been breeding over the last couple of days, the first time this season. The Jungle Carpet Pythons are together but I haven't witnessed any locks yet this season, but saying that I only witnessed one lock last season and I ended up with the female laying a beautiful clutch of eighteen eggs, of which seventeen babies hatched (one poor little snake didn't make it out of the egg but did go full term).
With the Corn Snakes, I have paired a Hypo, Stripe, Motley male to an Anery het Motley female and a Hypo, Motley Butter female, I know I'm going to get some gorgeous babies from these pairings. I can't wait to start getting clutches from this season and it's so frustrating having fifteen new Ball Python morphs as babies, I'm going to have a long wait until I can get them breeding but I feel it will definately be worth the investment of both time and money once they start producing clutches for me.