Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Leopard Ball Python

I've just had a series of emails from Dan Parker, I bought a female banded Leopard Ball Python from him a couple of weeks ago. Dan has told me that he thinks that the Leopard that I have bought is actually an Enchi Leopard. I think that the Leopard morph is going to be one of the next big things within the Ball Python world. It is absolutely amazing what this morph can do to other mutations, it has such a dynamic effect on pretty much everything that it has been bred to so far. The Leopard gene has been proven out to be a Dominant trait, which works great when breeding it to other dominant and co-dominant morphs. It is also thought that all Leopard Ball Pythons are het for Pied too, as the Leopard originally came from Peter Kahl's Pied line and first produced by Peter Kahl. There are not too many Leopard Ball Pythons in the UK so Snakehouse Exotics feels very lucky to own this female and we can't wait to start breeding her to some nice males.

Enchi Leopard

Video of Enchi Leopard
please note that this footage was taken before I was told that this animal could be an Ench Leopard

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